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Strategy & Planning 

Understanding the Asian culture and psyche, contribution to cost-effective planning, and effective, efficient creative work are our strengths

Our early involvement at the strategy and planning stage, rather than mere translation of mirrored English material into ethnic languages, will result in a better, more cost-effective plan and more useful results.

Content Production

Video Shooting

We have a professional video shooting and production team. Our services include: TV commercials (TVC), online marketing short videos, public relations video shows, promotional videos, TV series production, micro-movies and other video shooting and productions.


The copywriting has the persuasive power of the text, reaching directly the essence of the product and people. The copywriting provided by Jubilee Marketing awakens the customers' needs, accurately locates and increases the conversion rate, and shows you the sales power of our copy.

Creative Design

From the perspective of customers and target users, we design advertisements for the purpose of consumer action, so that the creatives have genes such as association, attention, interest, and action.

E-commerce Material Design

Based on the characteristics of your product, we customise the product copy to optimise the overall planning of the store for your official website and third-party  platforms (Tmall, This includes page design for product details, shop frame design, shop decoration and so on.

Social Media Operations

WeChat Official Account

We assist you to register and operate the brand WeChat public account. Our services include: creation and promotion of the content manuscripts, promotion of the public account, comment responses, fan interactions, and marketing.

Weibo Official Account

We assist you to register and operate the Weibo account. We provide one-to-one customized planning for our customers, guaranteeing original content, event planning, marketing promotion, feature customization, fan growth and other related services.

TikTok Official Account

We assist you to register and operate the TikTok account. We provide videos with accurate target for our customers as well as create and publish original videos, trigger user participation and interaction, and expand brand influence. Jubilee Marketing provides a full range of services from creating to operating short videos.

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