Our Team

Jessie Chen


Former CCTV International reporter, vice president of advertising department at Phoenix Satellite TV. I worked at the advertising department of Phoenix Satellite TV for 15 years and has accumulated rich experience in advertising planning, launching and evaluation. Customer industry covers financial, real estate, fast-moving, government etc. I had accumulated a certain amount of media marketing experience in the health industry. Immigrated to New Zealand in 2013.

Customers served in the food and drug industry include: Tsingtao Brewery, Wanxi Pharmaceutical (Zhongjing Brand Liuwei Dihuang Wan), Missing Food, Betis (Olive Oil) and so on.

Forrest Feng


Deep social experience and solid writing skills. Nine years of experience in print media, good at personal interviews, financial and social news, reviews, etc. Planned and executed public relations activities for brands such as LV, DeBeers, and Philips. Served as an editor of the internal magazines for China's well-known brands such as Shuijingfang and Jiuzhaigou. After immigration, worked for New Zealand Chinese Herald as the local news and front page editor.

Menglin Chen

Art Designer

Menglin Chen, the chief designer of  Jubilee Marketing, is responsible for the promotion and design for all media platforms at Jubilee, including corporate magazines, brochures, platform posters, event promotion posters, and TV commercials. With many years of experience and unique artistic taste, she is able to accurately grasp the characteristics of the brand and the needs of customers. Her design style of the work has guaranteed the satisfaction of customers in various industries.

Jiantao Sun


Sun Jiantao, our photographer. He graduated from Renmin University of China with a major in news photography. He had worked in CCTV (China Central Television) for nearly 30 years in film and television production. He has filmed some documentary films as well as several TV special films which earned many awards. Now he is engaged in photography in various areas such news, business, weddings, and children photography in Auckland.


Technical Support

Ten years of media experience, industry pioneers in the media field, can accurately predict industry trends. Multimedia production is a complex process. There are no ready-made guidelines for developing media advertisements. Therefore, a good multimedia planner should not be a person who sticks to the rules. How to use multimedia and new media to improve brand interactive marketing ability and deepen the depth of brand management is the source of my continuous learning.

Served customers include: China Sports Museum, China Post, Xi'an Yangsen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., etc.